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Donnie Marco - Nick Danner

Description: Donnie Marco has very good timing in this Jawked video. After telling his younger step-brother Nick Danner that he's going out for the day he returns shortly after to catch the boy preparing to wank one out using Donnie's newest porn magazine. Naturally, with both being super horny all the time and suddenly sensing an opportunity handsome and hairy Donnie is quick to join his bro on the bed. With lips locked and hands exploring the two strip down, eager to get at the juicy cocks in their pants. Donnie's hairy jock body is perfectly contrasted against young Nick's smooth frame, but they have more in common than not. Nick wraps his lips around the big meaty cock produced from Donnie's underwear and slavishly slurps and licks his inches, his own younger cock swelling hard under colorful cotton. The handsome older man can't wait to return the favor, sucking greedily on the big pink shaft while his own meat is incessantly rubbed. Donnie's experienced mouth doesn't quit. He moves down south to dart his tongue between the smooth cheeks, licking out the boy's pucker and preparing him for his big raw bro cock. Nick is in heaven, laying back and enjoying the pleasure as Donnie's dick pumps inside his pucker. He gives the boy a little more control, letting Nick ride his manhood while the boy's perfect pink penis bounces and dribbles precum. With the little twink on his back and ready to be fucked over the finish line Donnie pounds his hole, taking them both to a wanked out climax that leaves smooth boy Nick splashed with both their warm seed. Now that Donnie knows they both like the same things he'll be inviting young Nick into his bedroom a lot more often.
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Models: Donnie Marco